Images in appliqué

2, 3 or 5 days


This workshop will teach you to turn any of your own photographs into a larger fabric picture. We use only tools which are easily available, and no drawing skills are necessary. All drawing is simple tracing. 

You will learn which parts of your image are important and which can be simplified. You will learn how to build up your picture to give perspective and depth. Over two days your image will appear in fabric and ready to sew down and quilt. This image will be appliquéd using Vliesofix and soft edge appliqué because it is fast, but we will discuss different ways to appliqué during the workshop.

We look at ways to use free machine drawing to augment your image. We will also discuss ways to stretch the piece with 'extender' blocks in traditional patchwork as I often do.

In days 1 and 2 you learn how to edit and trace a photo to create your pattern. We make this bigger, and transfer it to a master sheet, your fusible webbing and your fabric and start to make the image. In two days most people have almost all of their image ironed down.

Day 3 is spent sewing the image down.

With 4 or 5 days people can go a lot further – work on more complex images, make the images bigger, and most will have them stitched and bordered and some even extended with blocks. Occasionally a simple image is actually quilted. There are teaching sessions every day of a five day class – I do not just sit in the front while you work!

Whichever class you do, your quilt will be yours alone and original.